Developers Needed
-GibPhone Team
This project is one of a kind in being one of few open source real-time talk and messaging programs that is programmed in C#. In order for this project to really get off the ground and do some amazing things, we need help from developers like you. If you are interested, please contact the gibphone crew at
Project Overview
-Gibphone Team

Our project is a comprehensive and easy to use VOIP/IM tool for Windows. The primary encouraged mode of communication will be voice. It will interface with existing VOIP networks (for example, a company with a Cisco VOIP system should still be able to make calls to other phones in the company using internal extensions). It uses Jabber/XMPP and MS TAPI 3, therefore allowing compatibility with existing Jabber clients.

This is primarily coded in C#.NET. Use of the .NET framework will allow for users or future developers to write ASP web services, SOAP and XML extensions, or add any functionality a user might need. The open endedness of the code and framework will allow developers to customize the software, streamlining it for use in a setting which might demand certain specifications.

A major feature of our program is easy voice conferencing. If the user is using a line which supports conferences, he can select as many users on his buddy list as he wants, and with the click of a button all the users are invited to join the conference. They can either accept or decline. Anybody in the conference can add a new member, and any new member can join (providing the user-set security allows it) just by right clicking on any member of the conference and selecting "Join this Conference".

The interface will be similar to that of many current VOIP/IM clients, but because of the nature of our program, we have added many grouping solutions. Buddies can be grouped by custom groups you give them, by their status (online, in call, etc), by call activity (there is a group for each call and conference). Grouping by call activity facilitates call switching; for example, an external line (without our client) calls the organization's operator and requests to be placed in a conference that is currently taking place with User X. The operator can add him to the conference simply by right clicking on that member of the conference and selecting "Add active call to conference".

It is our ultimate goal to create the most versatile, comprehensive, and easy to use VOIP/IM interface currently available. It's potential for customization and and expansion leaves unlimited possibilities.