GPCore - The Gibphone API

GPCore.Args Namespace

Namespace hierarchy


Class Description
BuddyIconEventArgs This is an event args class for when you recieve a buddy icon.
ByteArrayArgs An event args that contains a byte array.
ChatArgs An EventArgs class that extends from MessageArgs and adds the value chatID.
ChatInviteArgs An EventArgs for when someone invites you into a chatroom.
ChatUsernameArgs An EventArgs that is used for chatroom entered/leave events that contains the chatroomID and the username of the person who just left/joined.
ConfiguredAccountEventArgs EventArgs to hold all the information necessary for the creation of a new account.
ItemEventArgs An EventArgs that has an Item in it.
MessageArgs The EventArgs for a onMessageReceivedEvent
NewChatArgs An EventArgs for when a new chatroom is created.
ProtocolEventArgs An Event args that contains the Protocol.
StatusChangedArgs The Eventargs used for a Status Update
StringEventArgs Use these event args if you only need to pass a string.
TypingArgs The EventArgs for a NotificationRecieved Event.
UsernameEventArgs An EventArgs that only requires the Username of an account as a parameter


Enumeration Description
MessageParams This enum is used for MessageArgs constructor to determine certain options of the Message being sent through it.
TypingType An enum for specifying what type of Typing Notification is happening through the ITyping Interface.