GPCore - The Gibphone API

Core Methods

The methods of the Core class are listed below. For a complete list of Core class members, see the Core Members topic.

Public Static (Shared) Methods

AddMenuItemsObsolete. Call this function to add all of the funcions exposed by GPMethodAttribute for the given Protocol and Account.
Close Closes the application.
Main The main entry point of the program if you want to start GPCore from a reference of it then simply call this method.
ParseType Returns the Type of the given typestring.
ShowAccountForm Displays a form showing the user's accounts and allows the user to add more and remove existing ones.
ShowBugForm Call this if you want to Show the Bug report form that opens up the SourceForge tracker submission site for Gibphone and automatically inserts a template to help the user submit thier bug.
ShowPluginForm Displays a list of the available plugins.

Public Instance Methods

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GetType (inherited from Object)Gets the Type of the current instance.
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