GPCore - The Gibphone API

GPCore.GibphoneControls Namespace

Namespace hierarchy


Class Description
HtmlRichTextBox A RichTextBox that supports Pictures and HTML
HtmlRichTextFormatBar This is a toolstrip that modifies an HtmlRichTextBox and adds formating options to it.
HtmlText This class is for converting HTML text into rtf or plain text
InputBox A Class for Creating VB6 style InputBox
InputBoxResult Class used to store the result of an InputBox.Show message.
ListViewEx Zusammenfassung für ListViewEx.
PasswordBox An InputBox whose TextBox's text is blocked as a password char '*'
RtfText Allows for conversion from RTF to plain text or HTML.
ToolStripHtmlRichTextBox This is an HtmlRichTextBox embedded into a toolstrip.