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ProtocolPanel Methods

The methods of the ProtocolPanel class are listed below. For a complete list of ProtocolPanel class members, see the ProtocolPanel Members topic.

Public Instance Methods

BeginInvoke (inherited from Control)Overloaded. Executes the specified delegate asynchronously on the thread that the control's underlying handle was created on.
BringToFront (inherited from Control)Brings the control to the front of the z-order.
Contains (inherited from Control)Retrieves a value indicating whether the specified control is a child of the control.
Create This method creates the protocol based on the information the user entered.
CreateControl (inherited from Control)Forces the creation of the control, including the creation of the handle and any child controls.
CreateGraphics (inherited from Control)Creates the Graphics for the control.
CreateObjRef (inherited from MarshalByRefObject)Creates an object that contains all the relevant information required to generate a proxy used to communicate with a remote object.
Dispose (inherited from Component)Overloaded. Releases all resources used by the Component.
DoDragDrop (inherited from Control)Begins a drag-and-drop operation.
DrawToBitmap (inherited from Control)Supports rendering to the specified bitmap.
EndInvoke (inherited from Control)Retrieves the return value of the asynchronous operation represented by the IAsyncResult passed.
Equals (inherited from Object)Determines whether the specified Object is equal to the current Object.
FindForm (inherited from Control)Retrieves the form that the control is on.
Focus (inherited from Control)Sets input focus to the control.
GetChildAtPoint (inherited from Control)Overloaded. Retrieves the child control that is located at the specified coordinates, specifying whether to ignore child controls of a certain type.
GetContainerControl (inherited from Control)Returns the next ContainerControl up the control's chain of parent controls.
GetHashCode (inherited from Object)Serves as a hash function for a particular type. GetHashCode is suitable for use in hashing algorithms and data structures like a hash table.
GetLifetimeService (inherited from MarshalByRefObject)Retrieves the current lifetime service object that controls the lifetime policy for this instance.
GetNextControl (inherited from Control)Retrieves the next control forward or back in the tab order of child controls.
GetPreferredSize (inherited from Control)Retrieves the size of a rectangular area into which a control can be fitted.
GetType (inherited from Object)Gets the Type of the current instance.
Hide (inherited from Control)Conceals the control from the user.
InitializeLifetimeService (inherited from MarshalByRefObject)Obtains a lifetime service object to control the lifetime policy for this instance.
Invalidate (inherited from Control)Overloaded. Invalidates the specified region of the control (adds it to the control's update region, which is the area that will be repainted at the next paint operation), and causes a paint message to be sent to the control.
Invoke (inherited from Control)Overloaded. Executes the specified delegate on the thread that owns the control's underlying window handle.
PerformAutoScale (inherited from ContainerControl)Performs scaling of the container control and its children.
PerformLayout (inherited from Control)Overloaded. Forces the control to apply layout logic to all its child controls.
PointToClient (inherited from Control)Computes the location of the specified screen point into client coordinates.
PointToScreen (inherited from Control)Computes the location of the specified client point into screen coordinates.
PreProcessControlMessage (inherited from Control)Preprocesses keyboard or input messages within the message loop before they are dispatched.
PreProcessMessage (inherited from Control)Preprocesses keyboard or input messages within the message loop before they are dispatched.
RectangleToClient (inherited from Control)Computes the size and location of the specified screen rectangle in client coordinates.
RectangleToScreen (inherited from Control)Computes the size and location of the specified client rectangle in screen coordinates.
Refresh (inherited from Control)Forces the control to invalidate its client area and immediately redraw itself and any child controls.
ResetBackColor (inherited from Control) 
ResetBindings (inherited from Control) 
ResetCursor (inherited from Control) 
ResetFont (inherited from Control) 
ResetForeColor (inherited from Control) 
ResetImeMode (inherited from Control) 
ResetRightToLeft (inherited from Control) 
ResetText (inherited from Control)Resets the Text property to its default value.
ResumeLayout (inherited from Control)Overloaded. Resumes usual layout logic.
Scale (inherited from Control)Overloaded.  
ScrollControlIntoView (inherited from ScrollableControl)Scrolls the specified child control into view on an auto-scroll enabled control.
Select (inherited from Control)Overloaded. Activates the control.
SelectNextControl (inherited from Control)Activates the next control.
SendToBack (inherited from Control)Sends the control to the back of the z-order.
SetAutoScrollMargin (inherited from ScrollableControl)Sets the size of the auto-scroll margins.
SetBounds (inherited from Control)Overloaded. Sets the bounds of the control to the specified location and size.
Setup This is a call to Redraw the form, in case you want to change wat protocol is being configured.
Show (inherited from Control)Displays the control to the user.
SuspendLayout (inherited from Control)Temporarily suspends the layout logic for the control.
ToString (inherited from Component)Returns a String containing the name of the Component, if any. This method should not be overridden.
Update (inherited from Control)Causes the control to redraw the invalidated regions within its client area.
Validate (inherited from ContainerControl)Overloaded. Verifies the value of the control losing focus by causing the Validating and Validated events to occur, in that order.
ValidateChildren (inherited from UserControl)Overloaded.  

Protected Instance Methods

AccessibilityNotifyClients (inherited from Control)Overloaded. Notifies the accessibility client applications of the specified AccessibleEvents for the specified child control .
AdjustFormScrollbars (inherited from ContainerControl) 
Apply Call this to apply the options set by this form to the given protocol.
CreateAccessibilityInstance (inherited from Control)Creates a new accessibility object for the control.
CreateControlsInstance (inherited from Control)Creates a new instance of the control collection for the control.
CreateHandle (inherited from Control)Creates a handle for the control.
DefWndProc (inherited from Control)Sends the specified message to the default window procedure.
DestroyHandle (inherited from Control)Destroys the handle associated with the control.
DisposeOverloaded. Clean up any resources being used.
Finalize (inherited from Component)Releases unmanaged resources and performs other cleanup operations before the Component is reclaimed by garbage collection.
GetAccessibilityObjectById (inherited from Control)Retrieves the specified AccessibleObject.
GetAutoSizeMode (inherited from Control)Retrieves a value indicating how a control will behave when its AutoSize property is enabled.
GetScaledBounds (inherited from Control)Retrieves the bounds within which the control is scaled.
GetScrollState (inherited from ScrollableControl)Determines whether the specified flag has been set.
GetService (inherited from Component)Returns an object that represents a service provided by the Component or by its Container.
GetStyle (inherited from Control)Retrieves the value of the specified control style bit for the control.
GetTopLevel (inherited from Control)Determines if the control is a top-level control.
InitializeComponent Required method for Designer support - do not modify the contents of this method with the code editor.
InitLayout (inherited from Control)Called after the control has been added to another container.
InvokeGotFocus (inherited from Control)Raises the GotFocus event for the specified control.
InvokeLostFocus (inherited from Control)Raises the LostFocus event for the specified control.
InvokeOnClick (inherited from Control)Raises the Click event for the specified control.
InvokePaint (inherited from Control)Raises the Paint event for the specified control.
InvokePaintBackground (inherited from Control)Raises the PaintBackground event for the specified control.
IsInputChar (inherited from Control)Determines if a character is an input character that the control recognizes.
IsInputKey (inherited from Control)Determines whether the specified key is a regular input key or a special key that requires preprocessing.
MemberwiseClone (inherited from MarshalByRefObject)Overloaded. Creates a shallow copy of the current MarshalByRefObject object.
MemberwiseClone (inherited from Object)Overloaded. Creates a shallow copy of the current Object.
NotifyInvalidate (inherited from Control)Raises the Invalidated event with a specified region of the control to invalidate.
OKButton_Click This is method fired when the OK button is clicked.
OnAutoSizeChanged (inherited from Control)Raises the AutoSizeChanged event.
OnAutoValidateChanged (inherited from ContainerControl)Raises the AutoValidateChanged event.
OnBackColorChanged (inherited from Control)Raises the BackColorChanged event.
OnBackgroundImageChanged (inherited from Control)Raises the BackgroundImageChanged event.
OnBackgroundImageLayoutChanged (inherited from Control)Raises the BackgroundImageLayoutChanged event.
OnBindingContextChanged (inherited from Control)Raises the BindingContextChanged event.
OnCausesValidationChanged (inherited from Control)Raises the CausesValidationChanged event.
OnChangeUICues (inherited from Control)Raises the ChangeUICues event.
OnClick (inherited from Control)Raises the Click event.
OnClientSizeChanged (inherited from Control)Raises the ClientSizeChanged event.
OnContextMenuChanged (inherited from Control)Raises the ContextMenuChanged event.
OnContextMenuStripChanged (inherited from Control)Raises the ContextMenuStripChanged event.
OnControlAdded (inherited from Control)Raises the ControlAdded event.
OnControlRemoved (inherited from Control)Raises the ControlRemoved event.
OnCreateControl (inherited from UserControl)Raises the CreateControl event.
OnCursorChanged (inherited from Control)Raises the CursorChanged event.
OnDockChanged (inherited from Control)Raises the DockChanged event.
OnDoubleClick (inherited from Control)Raises the DoubleClick event.
OnDragDrop (inherited from Control)Raises the DragDrop event.
OnDragEnter (inherited from Control)Raises the DragEnter event.
OnDragLeave (inherited from Control)Raises the DragLeave event.
OnDragOver (inherited from Control)Raises the DragOver event.
OnEnabledChanged (inherited from Control)Raises the EnabledChanged event.
OnEnter (inherited from Control)Raises the Enter event.
OnFontChanged (inherited from ContainerControl)Raises the FontChanged event.
OnForeColorChanged (inherited from Control)Raises the ForeColorChanged event.
OnGiveFeedback (inherited from Control)Raises the GiveFeedback event.
OnGotFocus (inherited from Control)Raises the GotFocus event.
OnHandleCreated (inherited from Control)Raises the HandleCreated event.
OnHandleDestroyed (inherited from Control)Raises the HandleDestroyed event.
OnHelpRequested (inherited from Control)Raises the HelpRequested event.
OnImeModeChanged (inherited from Control)Raises the ImeModeChanged event.
OnInvalidated (inherited from Control)Raises the Invalidated event.
OnKeyDown (inherited from Control)Raises the KeyDown event.
OnKeyPress (inherited from Control)Raises the KeyPress event.
OnKeyUp (inherited from Control)Raises the KeyUp event.
OnLayout (inherited from ContainerControl) 
OnLeave (inherited from Control)Raises the Leave event.
OnLoad (inherited from UserControl)Raises the Load event.
OnLocationChanged (inherited from Control)Raises the LocationChanged event.
OnLostFocus (inherited from Control)Raises the LostFocus event.
OnMarginChanged (inherited from Control)Raises the MarginChanged event.
OnMouseCaptureChanged (inherited from Control)Raises the MouseCaptureChanged event.
OnMouseClick (inherited from Control)Raises the MouseClick event.
OnMouseDoubleClick (inherited from Control)Raises the MouseDoubleClick event.
OnMouseDown (inherited from UserControl) 
OnMouseEnter (inherited from Control)Raises the MouseEnter event.
OnMouseHover (inherited from Control)Raises the MouseHover event.
OnMouseLeave (inherited from Control)Raises the MouseLeave event.
OnMouseMove (inherited from Control)Raises the MouseMove event.
OnMouseUp (inherited from Control)Raises the MouseUp event.
OnMouseWheel (inherited from ScrollableControl)Raises the MouseWheel event.
OnMove (inherited from Control)Raises the Move event.
OnNotifyMessage (inherited from Control)Notifies the control of Windows messages.
OnPaddingChanged (inherited from ScrollableControl) 
OnPaint (inherited from Control)Raises the Paint event.
OnPaintBackground (inherited from ScrollableControl) 
OnParentBackColorChanged (inherited from Control)Raises the BackColorChanged event when the BackColor property value of the control's container changes.
OnParentBackgroundImageChanged (inherited from Control)Raises the BackgroundImageChanged event when the BackgroundImage property value of the control's container changes.
OnParentBindingContextChanged (inherited from Control)Raises the BindingContextChanged event when the BindingContext property value of the control's container changes.
OnParentChanged (inherited from ContainerControl) 
OnParentCursorChanged (inherited from Control)Raises the CursorChanged event.
OnParentEnabledChanged (inherited from Control)Raises the EnabledChanged event when the Enabled property value of the control's container changes.
OnParentFontChanged (inherited from Control)Raises the FontChanged event when the Font property value of the control's container changes.
OnParentForeColorChanged (inherited from Control)Raises the ForeColorChanged event when the ForeColor property value of the control's container changes.
OnParentRightToLeftChanged (inherited from Control)Raises the RightToLeftChanged event when the RightToLeft property value of the control's container changes.
OnParentVisibleChanged (inherited from Control)Raises the VisibleChanged event when the Visible property value of the control's container changes.
OnPreviewKeyDown (inherited from Control)Raises the PreviewKeyDown event.
OnPrint (inherited from Control)Raises the Paint event.
OnQueryContinueDrag (inherited from Control)Raises the QueryContinueDrag event.
OnRegionChanged (inherited from Control)Raises the RegionChanged event.
OnResize (inherited from UserControl) 
OnRightToLeftChanged (inherited from ScrollableControl) 
OnScroll (inherited from ScrollableControl)Raises the Scroll event.
OnSizeChanged (inherited from Control)Raises the SizeChanged event.
OnStyleChanged (inherited from Control)Raises the StyleChanged event.
OnSystemColorsChanged (inherited from Control)Raises the SystemColorsChanged event.
OnTabIndexChanged (inherited from Control)Raises the TabIndexChanged event.
OnTabStopChanged (inherited from Control)Raises the TabStopChanged event.
OnTextChanged (inherited from Control)Raises the TextChanged event.
OnValidated (inherited from Control)Raises the Validated event.
OnValidating (inherited from Control)Raises the Validating event.
OnVisibleChanged (inherited from ScrollableControl) 
ProcessCmdKey (inherited from ContainerControl) 
ProcessDialogChar (inherited from ContainerControl) 
ProcessDialogKey (inherited from ContainerControl) 
ProcessKeyEventArgs (inherited from Control)Processes a key message and generates the appropriate control events.
ProcessKeyPreview (inherited from Control)Previews a keyboard message.
ProcessTabKey (inherited from ContainerControl)Selects the next available control and makes it the active control.
RaiseDragEvent (inherited from Control)Raises the appropriate drag event.
RaiseKeyEvent (inherited from Control)Raises the appropriate key event.
RaiseMouseEvent (inherited from Control)Raises the appropriate mouse event.
RaisePaintEvent (inherited from Control)Raises the appropriate paint event.
RecreateHandle (inherited from Control)Forces the re-creation of the handle for the control.
ResetMouseEventArgs (inherited from Control)Resets the control to handle the MouseLeave event.
RtlTranslateAlignment (inherited from Control)Overloaded. Converts the specified HorizontalAlignment to the appropriate HorizontalAlignment to support right-to-left text.
RtlTranslateHorizontal (inherited from Control)Converts the specified HorizontalAlignment to the appropriate HorizontalAlignment to support right-to-left text.
RtlTranslateLeftRight (inherited from Control)Converts the specified LeftRightAlignment to the appropriate LeftRightAlignment to support right-to-left text.
ScaleControl (inherited from ScrollableControl) 
ScaleCore (inherited from ScrollableControl) 
ScrollToControl (inherited from ScrollableControl)Calculates the scroll offset to the specified child control.
Select (inherited from ContainerControl)Overloaded.  
SetAutoSizeMode (inherited from Control)Sets a value indicating how a control will behave when its AutoSize property is enabled.
SetBoundsCore (inherited from Control)Performs the work of setting the specified bounds of this control.
SetClientSizeCore (inherited from Control)Sets the size of the client area of the control.
SetDisplayRectLocation (inherited from ScrollableControl)Positions the display window to the specified value.
SetScrollState (inherited from ScrollableControl)Sets the specified scroll state flag.
SetStyle (inherited from Control)Sets the specified style bit to the specified value.
SetTopLevel (inherited from Control)Sets the control as the top-level control.
SetVisibleCore (inherited from Control)Sets the control to the specified visible state.
SizeFromClientSize (inherited from Control)Determines the size of the entire control from the height and width of its client area.
UpdateBounds (inherited from Control)Overloaded. Updates the bounds of the control with the specified size and location.
UpdateDefaultButton (inherited from ContainerControl)When overridden by a derived class, updates which button is the default button.
UpdateStyles (inherited from Control)Forces the assigned styles to be reapplied to the control.
UpdateZOrder (inherited from Control)Updates the control in its parent's z-order.
WndProc (inherited from UserControl) 

Protected Internal Instance Methods

AccessibilityNotifyClients (inherited from Control)Overloaded. Notifies the accessibility client applications of the specified AccessibleEvents for the specified child control.
ProcessKeyMessage (inherited from Control)Processes a keyboard message.
ProcessMnemonic (inherited from ContainerControl) 
RtlTranslateContent (inherited from Control)Converts the specified ContentAlignment to the appropriate ContentAlignment to support right-to-left text.
UpdateBounds (inherited from Control)Overloaded. Updates the bounds of the control with the current size and location.

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