GPCore - The Gibphone API

GPCore Namespace

Namespace hierarchy


Class Description
Core This is the core of the GibPhone engine. It provides support for dynamically loading and unloading plugins and protocols. It is also where all the main data structures are stored. All public events are heard by the core and plugins can add listeners to them with only a reference to GPCore.
ExceptionEventArgs An EventArgs that contains an Exception for error handling.
InvalidPasswordException An Exception to be thrown for an invalid password.
Logger A static class used if you want to Log the activity of something
ManyValueDictionary<TKey,TValue> This is a dictionary that can have many different values with the same key.
PluginManager The PluginManager tracks changes to the plugin directory, handles reloading of the plugins, and monitoring the plugin directory.
ProtocolPanel Provides a way to retrieve information from the user necessary to create a new account. Extend this class if you wish to add more fields.
ProtocolPanel.ProtocolOption This class stores the Property and its attribute.
TrayIcon The system tray icon.
User A dummy class used only for the use in GPMethod Attributes
Xml A wrapper class for some of the Gibphone specific XML features.


Interface Description
ICustomSaveProperties Obsolete. Extend this interface if you want to add more Properties to the XmlFile besides just Username and Password.


Delegate Description
TrayIcon.MenuItemDelegate This delegate is used when menu items are added or removed from the icon's context menu.