Pre-release Update
Sun, 17 Dec 2006 07:57:34 -0000

Firstly, I feel it is necessary to apologize for the long silence regarding the project. The team is very busy with school and other affairs and ultimately there is very little or no time left for slightly more awesome things. Fortunately, a large break is coming up, and at least I will be devoting almost all of my time to the new release. Here are some of the things I will be working on:

*UML diagrams of the entire 1.0 release. Everything with be fully documented and specifications will be so precise that if anybody wanted to write up an implementation for a class, the requirements would be very clear (much like the TopCoder contests). Also, I would like to see what we can do about a class status system much like the Mono Project, so it is easy to tell what needs to be contributed.

*Plugin Engine. We will also flesh out a nicer way of classifying plugins and what they do, with interfaces and everything. This will make more sense in the documentation and UML.

*Plugin repositories. Plugins should be obtainable and managed in the same way that Ubuntu manages packages with apt-get.

*Hopefully, and although this is not a priority, we will write all interface code in a language that can be interpreted by any user-interface package, for example XAML or XUL. This will allow for very easing porting / extensibility of UIs.

More details will be posted, and as always check the SVN repository for new code. I promise, the next commit will change the SVN repository to look like it should, with a trunk, branches, and tags.