Who are we?
Honestly, sometimes we don't even know and that's why this page was made - to prevent future existential crises. However, from what we have gathered, this is who the GibPhone team is...

Project Manager: August Sodora III
Augie's the guy who started it all. Part coder, part visionary, and part lunatic, Augie does coding and the 'roadmap'. He also gave us pizza once. You can find him under the username augsod.

Lead Programmer: James Regan IV
James does the hardcore C# work. He's the senior developer, and has a very strange laugh. If you have issues with forms or the code in general, you can find him under the username rpgprog.

Senior Marc Sweetgall: Marc Sweetgall
Marc was recruited to help with Speex, but he has no experience with the fancy visual language of C#, since he's a measly java programmer. His father's name is not the same as his own, which is unique for this team. He is also the tallest. His username - marswe.

Web Developer: Andrew Ragone III
Andrew is supposedly the web developer. His mission was also to figure out the sourceforge CVS. This orgasmic array of pixels before your eyes is because of he who goes by the username of fizicks06.

Mascot: Gibson Kim
Gibson is the mascot. He is all that inspired the name for the project and from time to time is our motivation. 'nuff said, really. If you want to contact him (modelling agencies welcomed), his username is gibsonk.

The Official Profiles
Just in case something compelled you to ask for more...

August Sodora III
Project Manager

August's job - like everybody's job on the GibPhone team - tends to include many responsibilities that aren't in the job description. August mainly manages the road map for the project and presides over team meetings, making sure sound decisions are made and that tasks are executed quickly and efficiently. It is his job to bridge the gap between developer and customer, preventing unreasonable demands from being made on the developer and making sure the program and its functionality is easily accessible to the general public. He often gets his hands dirty coding, but it usually involves improving, extending, and documenting existing code. He researches new coding techniques and design patterns to improve the quality and capability of the code, and keeps a sharp eye out for new communications protocols and technologies that might prove useful to customers.

James Regan IV
Senior Developer

James is the senior developer for GibPhone. His job is to know everything and anything about the .NET framework and coding with it. He also plays a key role in the decision making process; he must agree with every suggestion (mostly because he will be the one coding it). Recently, he has taken on some of the responsibilities of bug reporting, status reporting, and other more managerial tasks. The more progress this team makes, the more we seem to do each other's jobs. James' clever ingenuity and mastery of the programming environment have made him an indispensable asset to the GibPhone team.

Andrew Ragone III

Andrew maintains the web site. He also maintains the RSS feeds associated with our project and keeps track of anything network related with the development of our project. Andrew is the release technician for our project and is responsible for uploading new releases. Our CVS (concurrent versioning system, a tool used to make sure that everybody has the latest revision of code in projects with more than one developer) is administered by Andrew as is our SourceForge page. He also helps research different communications protocols.

Gibson Kim

Working on a programming project all the time can be hard on a man, and all work and no play makes for dull developers. That's why we have Gibson. He also happened to be near us when we had the idea for the project, and Yulia's camera quickly gave us the graphics necessary to adorn our sparse webpage. He has also been generous enough to donate his namesake to our cause, which is possibly the greatest contribution any of us has made. Gibson has also helped us with developing, showing us many tricks of the trade. We also owe many of our documentation resources to Gibson, who has helped conduct research concerning different protocols and programming techniques. Gibson's Korean and mathematical brain has also helped us wrap our heads around some of the math involved in encoding voice and sending it over the internet.